BJ Adams

Mark Lewis

Patty Mack

Kristen Maley

Leah Moriarty

Doug Nehasil

Lucy Nichols

Tara Turner

Joe Zuena

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a pride of lions.

We're fierce, each one of us. We have muscle, reach, and we have loyalty. Each client gets our undiluted thought, care, attention, marketing and staging. Every time, all the time. Look at us. Not a so-so broker in the pride. Talk to us. No inflated numbers, egos or promises. In real life, we're what it takes to get a property bought or sold. Aspen Snowmass Properties. See what you've been missing.


BJ Adams Mark Lewis
Kristen Maley
Leah Moriarty
Lucy Nichols Tara Turner
Michael Adams Joe Zuena


Our Brokers, Our Philosophy

We're tough, smart, driven and what we know isn't in any "How to be a Good Broker" manual. • We're doers. Action people. You're looking at pack leaders. A whole group of top 10% producers twenty years in the making. • We accomplish what nobody expects brokers to accomplish. • We know things that nobody expects a broker to know. Like what your time is worth. Or when to hand you that club sandwich before your blood sugar drops. • And that really great properties are typically found below the radar, not on the morning news. • One thing more we know for sure: Look long, look seriously. But look to the folks on the center of this page when you want legendary results.