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BJ Adams and Company was formed in May of 1994 to market and sell property in the Roaring Fork Valley in a collegiate way that had not been done before. The company's offices, in Aspen and in Snowmass Village, are distinguished by their appearance and historic nature, both having been originally built in the late 1800's, and uniquely reimagined by our founding partners, Michael and BJ Adams, to provide the functional support for a collaborative real estate company.


In its first full quarter of operations, BJ Adams and Company sold more property than its three largest Snowmass competitors combined, and it has remained a consistent leader in sales volume ever since. According to reported MLS data, BJ Adams and Company was the first local company ever to generate over $100 million in volume in a 12-month period, lending considerable credence to a company culture that is essentially antithetical to the conventional sales culture.


We continued to maintain our leadership in both service and productivity through our ensuing growth, attracting only the most synergistic professionals to perpetuate our vision. Then in 2015 we drew the attention of one of the most respected names in American business, Berkshire Hathaway, who had just two years earlier created BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY HomeServices as a global resource for the next era in real estate, and our affiliation was born. This is a company which, rather than issuing policy and directives from corporate headquarters designed primarily to benefit the parent company, provides instead a framework of support for its affiliates to magnify their creativity and experience, bringing the needs of clients and agents alike into focus in a structure where they can actually be served. It is a company characterized by trust, integrity and strength, and as such was the perfect choice for BJ Adams and Company.

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